Saturday, October 12, 2013

Phone Sex Chica

This sexy phone sex chica is feeling like a bad, bad girl!

Time to call me while my Latin blood is boiling and I'm ready to play all your phone sex fetishes out to the max.

Are you ready for some hot and nasty phone sex action?

Can you hande it?

We'll soon see.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Teen Babe Phone Sex

Hola teen phone sex

Your Latin Princess is feeling so sensual and naughty tonight!

I did a little dancing. A little drinking and now I'm ready to take you guys on so bring it. LOL

Are you looking for some naughty teen phone sex with a sexy teen babe? I'd just love to sink my teeth into a hot and kinky phone sex fantasy, or maybe tell me all about your naughty little fetish. You know, the one you can't tell your girlfriend about? LOL

Domination phone sex? Mmmm yes! Get your dog collar and slip into your panties, Rover. I love it when you call me while on your knees! Makes it so much easier to slide my strapon in your tight, but oh so willing, little asshole.

So how about it boys? Do you have what it takes to satisfy this horny latin teen?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fetish Friday Phone Sex

pierced tongue What does Freaky Friday mean to you? To me it means lots of freaky fetish phone sex. All those weird little kinky cravings you love to talk about and can't tell your girlfriend. You know I speak deviant desires. Call your Fetish Princess.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fetish Princess

It's your latin princess who loves fetish phone sex. I want to hear about all your deviant desires. We can talk about all your kinky phone sex cravings, your freaky phonesex fantasies. Just tell the phone sex princess what a pervert you are in a safe adult chat.
You know you can't tell anybody else, but you can talk to me.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Should I feel guilty?

Okay, so I go to the drugstore and buy all kinds of crap like I usually do. Those bottles, and soaps, and bath gels, and lotions just do something to me, you know?

Anyway I got so much makeup and crap that I had to use the basket to haul it all out to the car, but when I'd put all the bags in the trunk I found a lip gloss in the bottom of the basket that I'd forgotten to put on the counter and sort of stole.

So I snagged it and put it in a bag but now I'm starting to feel a little guilty. It's stupid right? It's like an $11 lip gloss. Big deal!

Oh well, I look hot in it! Maybe I can live with the guilt. LOL

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tasha's Footboys

I love my little footboys. I like to make them lie on the floor while my friends and I dance around in our high healed shoes. Making him beg to suck our toes while we rub those sexy shoes on his cock and balls.

Then we sit down and demand he crawl over to us one at a time and lick those shoes, then remove them and suck our pretty little toes.

I want to be last. When he's just about to burst, I put my little feet together and arch them, then tell him to slide that cock right between.

He cums almost instantly. Giggle

Then I make him lick it off......slowly.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sexy Latina Phonesex

Sexy Latina
Want phonesex with a sexy little teen chica? Yeah, I know you do, and I know you like a young girl who knows she hot. A teen tease who knows exactly the way you like it, hard. LOL

I can get into all sorts of phone sex. Ageplay phone sex, domination phone sex, fetish phone sex. Just tell this sexy phonesex princess what you need. I don't read minds, but I can twist them.